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My name is Dennis Finnen. I have had back problems off and on for upwards of twenty years.  In October of 2010, my back pain had become unbearable.  So I scheduled an appointment with a local chiropractor and began treatment.  By early June of 2011 I could hardly walk, could not do yard work, could not sleep, nor could I pick up my granddaughter.  The pain had become very severe but I knew surgery was the very last step I would take.  I had heard through the grapevine about the decompression table and wanted to give it a try. Following my next appointment I asked about this as an option and soon began treatment on what I was lead to believe was “decompression” on my lower back.  Several weeks later and with no results I had in fact become worse.  I began to question my treatment.  Soon I realized that I had not been receiving decompression at all.  Instead, I had been subjected to what is known as “traction”.  Make no mistake, these are not the same thing.  I left this particular practice completely discouraged.  I continued to avidly seek out appropriate care and a place with real decompression.  I was lead to The Disc Institute in late June of 2011, where we discussed my treatment options and my strong desire to not have surgery. We were able to start my treatment immediately and within four weeks I noticed a major difference.  I could walk around without experiencing the excruciating pain, I now sleep comfortably, and I’m able to do light house work.  I few weeks later I was almost 100% better.  I cannot believe the difference myself, but I am proof that real decompression actually works.  In my opinion, there is no comparison between a traction table and a decompression table. Decompression has changed my life and I would like everyone to be informed about it.

Chris Schryer

For six years I experienced lower back pain which had become even worse in the last year.  The pain had even started to travel down both of my legs making them tingle and feel numb. I had an MRI that showed I had two bulging discs in my low back.  So when I heard about The Disc Institute from a local radio station I decided to make an appointment for a free consultation.  I am so grateful that I did, because my lower back is much better now following treatment.  From the consultation to the weekly disc decompression visits I have experienced nothing but a customer oriented atmosphere from their staff. Today my pain is almost non-existent and I still have a few weeks left at The Disc Institute.

Brenda Pendrak


The discomfort started in November 2010 in my lower back. I kept thinking it was just temporary and would go away. I thought if I just stopped riding my horses for a while I would eventually go back to normal. It was around May of 2011 that I realized that the discomfort in my back was not going to get any better because I started feeling the discomfort going down my left leg. I finally came to the conclusion that there was something wrong. I needed help, so I started going to a local chiropractor.  I went religiously to this establishment for a month, but the pain was getting so intense I could not do anything.  The chiropractor requested an MRI and the results showed him that I needed surgery. After hearing that I had a bulging disc I left the office in tears thinking that my life as I knew it was over. As I was driving away, I told myself I was not going through back surgery and at that moment I heard the advertisement on the radio about The Disc Institute. I went for the free consultation with the doctor and he asked what he could do for me. I told him I just wanted my life back. I started the decompression treatment, and I admit there was a time at the beginning where I questioned if this was the right thing. The pain didn’t just stop overnight. The staff was very encouraging though and they kept me coming back. The atmosphere at The Disc Institute is very heartwarming.  The staff always make you feel that they really want to help you with your pain. Thanks to all of the caring staff at The Disc Institute I have my life back!

1st ride back on my horse


I’m Judith Montgomery and this is my testimonial about my back pain. I was in so much pain in my lower back that I had to go see my family doctor. He then sent me to see my back surgeon. I previously had back surgery for a cracked vertebrae that was putting pressure on the nerves between the vertebrae.  He sent me for an MRI of my lower back that showed 6 discs that were bad.  Three of the discs were bulging and three were deteriorating. The doctor sent me to a local pain management center and I had a nerve block, but it did not do any good. I was still in alot of pain. They said my best resort was to have several of the vertebrae fused together but I did not want to have another back surgery. My husband heard about The Disc Institute on the radio. My husband and I decided to go see what the treatment was all about. We decided I should try to  spinal decompression. On my first visit I was at a pain level of 8 out of 10 and now I am at a 0. The treatment did wonders for me. I have no pain in my back now and did it without having back surgery. I have never felt so good. I have told alot of people just how much the spinal decompression has helped me and it was the best thing I ever did to get rid of the pain. I thank the crew at The Disc Institute for everything they did for me.

                                                            Sincerely, Judith Montgomery

Traci Harbin

One morning in May 2011 while getting ready for work I bent over to put my shoes on and when I came up my lower back popped. In that small moment my life changed drastically. I could not move for days and was in a lot of pain. An MRI showed I had a herniated disc. I went to Birmingham to see the neurosurgeon that had done my husband’s back fusion surgery on the same area. He recommended bed rest with pain medicines, which I tried for a month. I gradually returned to work starting with half days then eventually working full days. My work day consisted of taking breaks often to walk  around and doing stretches twice during the day. Then making it through the day only to come home at night to lay flat on my back taking pain pills to do it all over again the next day. I thought this is no way to live my life, I can’t take care of myself or my house, much less enjoy life. So, I tried physical therapy for several weeks until I heard about The Disc Institute in late November. With holidays so close I desperately wanted relief. I decided I would try anything before surgery. After consulting with the doctor, I believed in him when he told me “I will try everything before we give up.” I thought there is nothing to lose so I started The Disc Institute process the following Monday. By Christmas, one month later, I found that relief. Today, 8  months later my pain is completely gone and doing my normal routine is not a struggle anymore. I have my life back because of The Disc Institute.

My name is Wendy Graham and I've had back pain for over 20 years. At first general chiropractic  care alleviated the pain, but eventually it seemed like instead of helping I was actually getting worse.

Next, I went to a local pain management center where I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and mild arthritis in my lower back. Suggested treatments were injections into my spine (up to three per year if necessary), physical therapy, and daily medication to help arthritis and pain. I reluctantly agreed to two injections over a period of a few months, but never went back for the third one. The treatments and medication helped alleviate the pain and for about three years I was able to perform normal daily activities.

In January 2012, while doing some routine house cleaning I pulled my back. I could barely walk and the pain was almost unbearable. It hurt to sit, stand, lay down, ect. I was feeling pretty defeated because I knew I didn’t want back surgery and felt like that may be my only option left. Not knowing what to, but needing some relief from the pain I went to a clinic where two shots in my hip were administered; one for pain, and one for inflammation. Even though this helped I still was having pain and I knew it was not the solution to  my back problems.

One day in my car I heard a commercial on the radio about The Disc Institute of Alabama. After my consultation appointment I was very optimistic that the spinal decompression and laser treatments would alleviate my back pain and improve my quality of life. Now that I’ve completed the treatments my pain level has dropped from an eight to a zero and my back feels so much stronger. I was also put on Vitamin therapy, which is great! I can happily say that I am no longer taking my daily medications for arthritis.

The doctors and staff are so personable and compassionate. They put you at ease and are very knowledgeable. Just by mentioning where I was hurting they always knew what treatment to administer that would help relieve my pain. I feel so blessed to be able to rely on The Disc Institute of Alabama’s doctors and staff to help keep me pain free.

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